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The Power of Affirmations

Hello, Cherubs!

I wanted to talk to you about affirmations! We have seen so much about them in social media, or when we listen to or read articles and posts from our favourite spiritual writers and teachers, but what are they? What can they do? How can they help us? Louise Hay has created decks of cards about them, but if you don’t know what they are they and what they can do for you, you can’t understand their full potential and the benefits you can receive.

An affirmation is a tool that we can use to uplift ourselves in any given moment because affirmations can create positive energy. We can use an affirmation to set our intention to the Universe, to Source, in the here and now. Affirmations tend to start with the words “I am” and these words put together in this order are extremely powerful. You are saying this is who you are and the energy behind those two words reverbrates throughout all directions of time and space, and the Universe hears you. It responds to you, and replies back. That’s why they are so powerful.

The key with affirmations is to trust, and to believe. You are affirming in the here and now, but you are affirming for your future self, not for the you of now nor your past self. You are trusting that the Universe has already provided what you have intended. You are believing in you and your power as well as in the power of the Universe in that it has already provided to you. 

In a way, the Universe has. Instantly. Time is not linear for the Universe as it is for us, here on Earth as a third dimensional being. As soon as we think it, hear it or say it, it is manifested. It is a physical entity with its own vibration of energy, but it may take some time for us to receive the manifestation. It is why trust and belief are so important, and why affirmations should be affirmed in the positive. 

When you start to peel back the layers, you can see why affirmations are also linked to and are key to the Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction? In the simplest of terms, this is where your thoughts become things. What you think, say or hear will literally manifest itself into being. You have to take care and be mindful of your thought processes and inner dialogue. Judging of yourself, of others, berating yourself or listening tonypur ego, will drag down your vibrational frequency. 

By being aware of your internal voice and inner dialogue, you can learn whose voice is doing the talking, and which one you are listening to. It sounds crazy, I know, but everyone “hears” voices (internally). There’s the ego voice, loud and intrusive, always saying “no, you can’t,” and the soul’s voice. I use questions such as ‘is this my voice?’ or ‘does this belong to me?’, and I will feel (your body is your greatest tool for detecting truth) whether this is something I am saying, been told/believed by another or my ego is saying. If it is not my voice, I will repeat the phrase ‘return to sender, with love,’ and I have been known to tell my ego to litterally shut up and be quiet, because it is not my voice. My voice is my soul speaking, and souls always speak to us with love and compassion. They are the gentle voice of encouragement that whispers softly to us “yes, you can.” 

This is why affirmations are always used in the positive, not in the negative, and are so uplifting. I find affirmations to be inspirational and a great source of empowerment.

Here are my basic morning affirmations. I add to them when I am guided to.
©Jewel Jones 2017

It is for all these reasons that I began to start my day with affirmations. Above are what I call my basic affirmations. They are part amd parcel of my morning routine, something I keep simple in this respect; I get up and go to my  bathroom mirror. I make sure I look myself in the eye, bed hair, morning breath and all, and say “I love you, Jewel” (an amazing but tough lesson from Louise Hay). Then I begin my affirmations, out loud or in my head (depending on if my love is awake or not) it doesn’t matter, all the while maintaining eye contact with myself in the mirror. Eye contact matters to me. Sometimes, I stick to only these, other mornings I will add to them as I feel guided to.

With this routine, I am saying to the Universe, and to myself; today is going to be a great day. That is my intention behind these affirmations, and I trust, I believe, that my day will be. 

I hope this helps you to understand affirmations, and how you can use them. But I hope, more than anything, that you will be inspired to create your own.


Jewel 💖