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About Jewel

About Jewel JonesJewel is a naturally gifted Tarot Reader with over 18 years of experience, and a Certified Angel Card Reader™. She is continually developing her psychic gifts and abilities, having recently completed her certification with Doreen Virtue™ to become an Angel Intuitive™ and international best-selling author Robert Reeves’ Flower Therapy Healer Certification. With these certifications, Jewel has strengthened her connection to the Archangels

This connection allows Jewel to assist clients through healing with the Archangels, to connect with their guardian angels, and passed over loved ones. Her certification in Flower Therapy Healing allows Jewel to work with the healing energies of flowers that share a bond with the Archangels.
Since her business first launched, under the name of Tarot Readings By Jewel, in 2011, Jewel has also completed Levels I and II in Usui Reiki and the Certified Realm Reader™ and Fairyologist courses. She is continuing her studies in other modalities and healing practices, including Andrrea Hess’s Soul Realignment© program, Aromatherapy and Crystal Healing, to incorporate her love for psychic development and passion for healing.

By combining her skills and talents, Jewel is able to assist clients beyond the readings she gives. As Jewel’s knowledge and experience grew, she found that a reading allowed her to connect with a client’s energy (through the shuffling of cards), and enables for Jewel to recognise whether a chakra is open, closed, or requires cleansing and balancing, and how the status of the chakra can impact the client’s body and emotional well-being.

Jewel Jones Profile PhotoWith follow-up healing sessions, Jewel has been able to bring harmony and balance to the client’s chakra system, smoothing and brushing a client’s aura, reducing the levels of dis-ease the client may sense or feel, and improve a client’s sense of overall well-being.

To add to her love of all things natural, Jewel is also an NYR Organic Independent Consultant, a complement to her aromatherapy studies, and offers beautiful organic products to tend the skin and body.

Jewel lovingly blends all of these gifts and skills to take care of your needs, including the ones you might not be aware of.


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