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Tarot and Angel Readings at Jewel Jones

Jewel is a naturally gifted tarot reader. This means that she could read the tarot without any training, and has done so since she was 16. To Jewel, her tarot decks are her friends, and these friends help guide her and all she has the opportunity to read for. A Certified Angel Card Reader™ since 2013, she has trained with Doreen Virtue™ to enhance her psychic readings to offer a wider choice of readings and decks.

You can arrange your reading by appointment, via email, phone or skype. Her readings are based on time rather than on a specific type of reading, allowing for you to choose your decks and what areas of life you wish to focus your reading on.

Tarot, Angel or Oracle Card Readings:

Readings are for guidance, advice and clarity, available in a variety of options, to suit your needs and questions. Jewel connects with a variety of decks, specialising in the Rider/Waite-Smith traditional tarot deck, as well as Doreen Virtue™ Tarot, Angel and Oracle decks. Jewel is able to combine these decks, a great addition to your reading if you have a specific question or area of your life that you desire to focus upon for further clarity.

By appointment:

  1. £20.00 – A 30 minute Reading which can consist of up to 5 cards, which will tell you about what is going on immediately around you, and in your life presently.
  2. £40.00 – A 60 minute Reading which can consist of up to 10 cards, a Celtic Cross or Intuitive Spreads, which will highlight past events that influence you today and can help guide you through future possibilities.
  3. £60.00 – A 90 minute to 2 hour Reading or Annual Spread which can help guide you through the up-coming 12 months, starting with where you are now in life.

Email Readings:

1. £25.00 – Email Card Reading – As with a one-to-one reading, clients are able to choose the deck they are drawn towards for their question or situation. General or situational readings are best with tarot decks. Classed as an initial reading, it includes one deck that you wish for me to work with.
2. £10.00 – Per additional question, as part of the initial reading.
Phone or Skype Readings:
1. £30.00 – A phone reading for 1 question, or a general reading, of up to 45 minutes. Webcam viewing of the reading is optional. Any queries about your reading, with time remaining, will be answered. 1 deck selection of your choice is an included option. International requests accepted!
2. £10.00 – Per additional 15 minute block.

Realm Readings:

Realm Readings differ from Tarot and Oracle card readings in that they work with the client’s soul origin. These readings help in many areas, from their relationships to their career choices, their hobbies and interests in their personal life.

A Realm Reading is beneficial in many ways as you, the client, will learn about your strengths, where you may struggle, but also how to form better relationships with souls from different origins than your own, be you an incarnated angel, incarnated elemental, star person, wise one or a hybrid of these realms.

  1. £30.00 – Individual Realm Reading – Learn more about your soul’s origin, why you are drawn to your personal interests, the relationships you attract, relationship compatibility, your chosen career, and your life purpose!
  2. £50.00 – Relationship Realm Reading – Ideal for couples of any kind, new or old! Discover why opposites attract, where your mutual strengths reside, the interests that make you the individuals you are in the relationship, and how to communicate better!

Coming Soon – Skype Realm Readings!

Decks available:

Angel and Oracle:

  • Angel Answers
  • Angel Dreams
  • Archangel
  • Archangel Gabriel
  • Archangel Michael
  • Archangel Raphael Healing
  • Archangel Therapy
  • Ascended Masters
  • Butterfly
  • Cherub Angel (for children)
  • Daily Guidance
  • Flower Therapy
  • Goddess Guidance
  • Healing Messages from the Angels
  • Healing Messages from the Fairies
  • Indigo Angel
  • Life Purpose
  • Magical Mermaids and Dolphins
  • Magical Messages from the Fairies
  • Magical Unicorns
  • Mary Queen of Angels
  • Messages from the Angels
  • Past Life
  • Saints & Angels
  • Talking to Heaven
  • The Romance Angels


  • Angel
  • Archangel Power
  • Fairy
  • Guardian Angel
  • Rider/Waite-Smith

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